Friday, January 9, 2015

Galatian mercenaries

Galatian mercenaries of Antigonus the knock kneed . Many different manufactures were used. Black tree figures paint up nice. I have a companion unit to fight along side of this one.  I will post pictures soon. The Bigredbat inspired me with his beautiful Galatians  .

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ptolemaic war elephant

Ptolemaic war elephant  made by Foundry. Bald crewman by Gripping beast .

Corvus Macedonians

Corvus miniatures given to me by Jeff Jonas . I will expand them to 40 strong. I had to use thumb tacks for shields.

Greeks finally done

Finally done with them. All shields painted by Tim Parker. I really like the shield with the grapes . I mixed a few Essex miniatures in. I don't think they look to bad.

Impetus , Antignous the one eye vs Eumenes

  Tried the full game today and will play again. All photos by Randy, a good write up of the game on his blog. http://candiedscorpion.blo...