Sunday, May 18, 2014

Late Antignoid horse

They were painted by DPS studios . I painted the shields .
They will serve in the Antignoid forces and pull duty with the Romans.

Macedonian phalangites

A mixed group of Foundry , Vendal  and Crusader. I will make a 32 man unit .
I don't think they look bad mixed together . This unit will make my last 32 strong Macedonian phalanx
for Antignous the One Eye. Then on to the Pantodapoi..

More Romans

My small but growing army. I have enough to field a division in Hail Caesar

The red shield division . I need to add one more 18 man unit .

Impetus , Antignous the one eye vs Eumenes

  Tried the full game today and will play again. All photos by Randy, a good write up of the game on his blog. http://candiedscorpion.blo...