Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Essex Greek Hoplites

A mix of Foundry and Essex miniatures. The shields were painted by my friend Tim Parker.
Everything else was done by me. This phalanx will be 16 strong , base depths are as follows 60mm deep by 120mm..
The unit should be 160mm wide by 60mm deep.

I changed my method of priming usually black prime ,this time I went with white and then used a mix of future and Army painter strong tone.   

I need to finish the basing and add four figures . Then  I will move on to the next group.


  1. Excellent!
    The blues,reds and white colors you used to paint this unit mix well together... and the red color gives a strong contrast of the unit... your friend Tim Parker did a fantastic job painting the shield patterns, far better than using shield decal transfers...cheers Joe!

  2. Nice work, Joe. I still have a soft spot for Essex figs - it's nice to see them.

  3. Thanks Phil, I think I will white prime for now. The colors are much brighter and easier to do.

    I agree ,I have a soft spot for Essex and the old figure ranges too.

    Thanks Gents


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