Sunday, May 18, 2014

More Romans

My small but growing army. I have enough to field a division in Hail Caesar

The red shield division . I need to add one more 18 man unit .


  1. Great miniatures with excellent painting/basing - love the red and blue shields!

  2. I'm glad you liked them. I did try painting designs on the shields but they didn't turn out so well.

  3. Hi Joe, don't you dare add on shield designs to your Romans, the blue and blood red colors you used are perfect and stunning!

    1. Thanks Phil for the kind words

    2. Your welcome Joe, also I'm looking forward receiving my order of Hail Caesar Rules and Army Lists: Biblical & Classical. Thanks to you and other bloggers, time for me to get into 25mm/28mm Ancients. Cheers!


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