Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Essex Greek Hoplites

A mix of Foundry and Essex miniatures. The shields were painted by my friend Tim Parker.
Everything else was done by me. This phalanx will be 16 strong , base depths are as follows 60mm deep by 120mm..
The unit should be 160mm wide by 60mm deep.

I changed my method of priming usually black prime ,this time I went with white and then used a mix of future and Army painter strong tone.   

I need to finish the basing and add four figures . Then  I will move on to the next group.

Macedonian phalanx

I finally finished them off a mixture of Vendal, Foundry and Crusader .
They were easy to paint , the only draw back was the tiny feet and large hands. I would still by them in the future though.
I hope you like them .


Naismith Selecuid Chariot

I will us this for my Seleucid forces or the Pontics .
I really like the way the horse flesh is on the model.

I was able to buy this of the TMP from a really nice guy. I really like this range of miniatures .


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Late Antignoid horse

They were painted by DPS studios . I painted the shields .
They will serve in the Antignoid forces and pull duty with the Romans.

Macedonian phalangites

A mixed group of Foundry , Vendal  and Crusader. I will make a 32 man unit .
I don't think they look bad mixed together . This unit will make my last 32 strong Macedonian phalanx
for Antignous the One Eye. Then on to the Pantodapoi..

More Romans

My small but growing army. I have enough to field a division in Hail Caesar

The red shield division . I need to add one more 18 man unit .

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Corvus phalangites and Hinchliffe phalangites

Old school figures I just love them. I think they have a certain charm.
I have not post in awhile so here you go. I will post better pictures this weekend.
I hope to have at least 24 done for each unit . I hope you like them.
Corvus minis on the left. Then Hinchliffe

Corvus  phalangites 

Jeff Jonas kindly gave these to me . Thank you very much Jeff
Will soon have more done this weekend .

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Not Macedonians but Romans

I have started a small Roman army .  Not much yet but I hope to add it. Most of the mini's
are Foundry with a few Crusader mixed in. Maybe this will grow to a quarter of the size of the Big Red Bat collection.

Aventine Antigonid Phalanx

Antigonus  Doson Veteran bronze shields . These were a joy to paint. I hope to add to their
ranks more of these soon. Sorry for my laziness one rear ranker is missing.

Impetus , Antignous the one eye vs Eumenes

  Tried the full game today and will play again. All photos by Randy, a good write up of the game on his blog. http://candiedscorpion.blo...