Saturday, November 30, 2013

More Galatian mercenaries and Druid

I have used quite a bit of different figures in the warbands.
These form the center of Antignous  battle line.
Once again Jolly Joe Studios did the checks on the minis, my eyes are not as good as they used to be.

Galatian Mercenaries

The bald guy in the front is supposed to be me, the girl to the left is my daughter and dog is next to her.
My wife is in the back with red hair and our son is next to her left .

Again more pictures of my Galatian mercenaries.
Check patterns done by Jolly Joe Studios.

Galatian Mercenaries of Antignous Gonatas

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A mix of figures, I had help painting the check patterns.
My help was provided by Jolly Joe Studios

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Macedonian Veteran Phalanx

Eumenes Silver Shields and Hypaspists

Corvus Companions

Corvus Companions really old figures ,sadly out of production.
These were given to me by Jeff Jonas . Thanks a lot Jeff

Corvus Companions with Demitrius a foundry figure

Corvus Companion on a Newline horse

Antignous , Demitrius, Eumenes and Phalanx Generals

Old Glory Tarentine Cavalry

All the shields for this unit were not painted by me.
The shields really make the Old Glory mins pop.

Lots a Greeks

Not just Macedonians

To my friends this will be updated often. And not just with Macedonians or Greeks.
I will add my Russians and Austrians . Tom I will be able to post pictures of your Carthos.
So here is to afresh start. Bald Joe

My Germans painted by Jolly Joe Studio

These are my Germans. Joey painted them a while back, he did them rather quickly and even put camo on them, he has come a long way. He has started his own paint studio called Jolly Joe Studios. Joey is available for hire . Your order will be done faster if it is a smaller amount of figures.
Joey is a great young man. I 'm biased thou he is my son.
Great job Joe. Now I need to base them properly.


Impetus , Antignous the one eye vs Eumenes

  Tried the full game today and will play again. All photos by Randy, a good write up of the game on his blog. http://candiedscorpion.blo...